Post Concussion Syndrome

To Whom It May Concern:


I was involved in an accident last year in February. I was off work for 10 months having suffered post concussion syndrome. The symptoms of this included slurred speech, slow processing of information, sensitivity to light and sound, loss of concentration, nausea from certain movements and ongoing constant headaches. In addition to this I had very painful shoulders, arms and wrists. These symptoms were complicated by depression and generalised anxiety. In addition to this I developed psoriasis on my legs and high blood pressure (184/126). I was a mess!

I was treated by my G.P., a physiotherapist, psychologist, neuropsychologist, neurologist, muscular skeletal specialist and other specialist physicians. I was put onto various medications including blood pressure tablets, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and high doses of depression tablets that also helped with the lack of sleep due to pain and anxiety. Despite all this help, my recovery was not progressing and I was informed that I had "reached a plateau". I was referred to a psychiatrist for assessment, and to look at considering some further anti-depressants to "push" me on.

In my desperation I decided to try "alternative therapies". At this point I started my journey with May at Bella Femme Beauty Clinic. May encouraged me to talk about what happened, how I was feeling emotionally and what physical symptoms I was experiencing. She was very thorough. She explained her perception of things and what treatment she may consider to help me. I have been seeing May since April of this year with fantastic results. She has used massage, suction cups, acupuncture, special "pulse" therapy for my skin, and Chinese herbal medication to address my problems. May also discussed food options with me. In addition, she ensured that she knew how I was feeling emotionally. All these therapies were explained to me and what aspect of my symptoms they were treating.

My G.P. and various specialists are amazed at the change in my symptoms and I have now been medically cleared for increasing my hours of work, with a short term plan to return to full-time work by December. They are very happy with the progress I have made since April. I am now off ALL medication except for May's Chinese preparations which she discusses with me regularly and adjusts accordingly. My blood pressure is much better (126/74), my headaches have gone, my skin has cleared up a lot and is almost back to normal, and all my other symptoms have improved tremendously. I am enjoying life!!

Thank you May

Kathleen -Glenfield Auckland