Herbal Remedy and Arthritis

Ingrid Cloete - Arthritis 20 years

I highly recommend alternative medical treatments as they definitely worked for me.

I have suffered for 20 years with arthritis and a year ago developed Diabetes after long term effects of Prednisone for my Arthritis. I also put on large amounts of weight. My pain was controlled with more Prednisone and more drugs and then more weight.

I read about May's treatments of acupuncture, reflexology and herbal medication and wanted to go this route. At first treatments were sore and my body was tired and tender. I was determined to carry on and soon I was there every week and it has been over a year now and I won't give up.

I have reduced my medication, had my regular blood tests and my doctor is most impressed. I have improved my health, self esteem and my lifestyle is great. I am able to do things I didn't do for the last 20 years.

You have nothing to lose, you can only get better and have a better quality of life ahead of you......it's your choice.