Dr May Li

Dr May Li has a PhD in Oriental Medicine, a Master's degree in acupuncture and a bachelors in the science of natural therapies.  She studied in China, America and New Zealand and graduated in California where she established her own successful practice gaining 15 years experience in the field of natural health.

Dr May combines a unique blend of natural treatments that help mobilise the body's natural energy and stimulate the immune system.  May believes outward beauty is reflected in the healthy glow of the body's third organ - the skin.  Skin rejuvenation is therefore another of May's specialties and is treated both internally with herbal remedies and outwardly with microneedle therapy. 

Just by looking at your face May can easily see with her trained eye what your body is lacking and what organs are overworked or stressed.  For a professional diagnosis and an effective treatment plan you will need to make an appointment with Dr May Li.

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